Bite-Size Briefings

What is a QR Code?

The term QR Code is an abbreviation of “Quick Response Code” and is the trademark of a type of two-dimensional barcode (also known as “matrix” barcode). It was invented in 1994, initially for use within the Japanese motor industry but is now widely used for a variety of applications such as marketing and inventory management.

A QR code typically consists of black and white dots arranged in a square, for example:

QR Code

Figure 1- This Version 2 (25×25 dot) QR code contains the URL “”

Key attributes of a QR code are that it can be read quickly and can contain larger amounts of data than a traditional linear barcode. For example when used for marketing a QR code frequently contains an Internet URL (i.e. web page address) to allow users of smartphones an easy means of accessing a corporate website without having to either remember or type-in the URL.
QR codes can be read by especially designed scanners; these come in a variety of formats, frequently either hard-wired or wirelessly connected to a PC or other computing device. In addition it is very common for Smartphones to be used to read QR codes either by means of in-built or through the use of a 3rd party “QR Code Scanner” app.

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